Executive Director: Melissa Payton


Melissa Payton graduated from Missouri Baptist University with a degree in Vocal Performance. Shortly after graduation, she joined The Bach Society as their Soprano Young Artist in 2004 and continues to sing in the Chorus today as a Principal Singer. Melissa accepted the position of Executive Director in the Spring of 2013 and is excited about contributing to the success of the organization in her role. A native of Florissant, Missouri, Melissa now resides with her husband and daughter in Olivette.

Executive Assistant: Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones joined the administrative team of The Bach Society as Executive Assistant in 2017; she is also a volunteer first soprano in the Chorus. Her background is in education, and she has held positions teaching English, Business Skills and Intercultural Communication. While living abroad for twelve years in Switzerland, France and Germany she gained invaluable experience singing in many choruses. A native of Sycamore Hills, Rachel, her partner and three children are now settled in St. Louis County.

Chorus Librarian: Samantha Arten
Stage Manager: David Cox
Bach Talk Host & Producer: Ron Klemm



Anne von der Heydt, Chair

Megan Flaskamper, Vice Chair

Andrew V. Wuellner, Treasurer

Megan Flaskamper, Secretary

Scott MacDonald, Chorus President

Stephen Bolen

Jason Bryles

Janet Chavers

John Michael Clear

Carol Commerford

Keith Fredlund

Becky Hauk

Barry Kirk

Doug Kouba

Mark Lawson

Linda Lee

Nicole Merlo

Suzanne Palmer

Mark Pye

Ben Stotler

Matthew Wheeler

Robert Will

Douglas Wilton

Shephali Wulff


Barbara Brinkman

Anne Carman

Jeanene Dugan

Catherine Edwards

David Erwin

Todd Harper

Roisin Hughes

Ron Klemm

Deane H. Looney

Eleanor Mullin

Cynthia Murdoch

Alayne Smith

Harley Smith

Marjorie Smith

Geneen Von Kloha