The Bach Society of Saint Louis gratefully accepts gifts of stock or marketable securities. To ensure a successful transfer of stock,
please send notification of your transfer to Melissa Payton (, 314-652-BACH), and provide the following information in your communication:

  • Donor Name
  • Name of stock
  • Number of shares
  • Allocation of gift
  • Proposed date of transfer
  • Contact information of financial advisor

Donor advised funds

A Donor Advised Fund is a simple, tax-efficient investment account for charitable giving. These funds operate like a charitable savings account; you transfer cash, appreciated securities or other assets to a tax-exempt sponsoring organization to this Charitable Fund. Then you can direct how much and how often money is granted to the Bach Society or other charities.

You qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction depending on your tax situation at the time you contribute to the account, and you maintain the power to direct funds to charities you support.

  • Contribute a range of assets to your DAF, such as cash and appreciated assets, and generally receive the highest immediate tax deduction allowed by law.
  • Grant to your favorite charities at any time you wish.
  • Receive a single report consolidating your annual giving activity.
  • Select nonprofits you want to support using online services.
  • Make additional contributions to your fund at any time.
  • Grow your DAF, building an endowment over time.

Legacy gifts

The Bach Society knows that music is a gift, and the joy experienced sharing that gift is a deep undercurrent running through our performances. It touches our singers, our instrumentalists and, best of all, our audiences.

By choosing to include the Bach Society in your estate plans, you can provide a secure foundation for the Society’s future, enabling us to continue spreading the joy of music and allowing us the resources for artistic excellence and innovation to cultivate future audiences. When planning your gift, it is recommended that you consult with a financial advisor.

If you have the Bach Society in your estate plans, we ask that you let us know by completing our Legacy Gift Form or contacting Melissa Payton at or 314-652-BACH. You can also view the Bach Society’s Gift Policy.

Ways to give include:

  • Bequests
  • Life income Gifts
  • Charitable Gift Annuities & Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Retirement Account Gifts
  • Life Insurance Gifts

Qualified Charitable Distributions

If you are 70½ years of age or older, you can take advantage of a simple way to benefit the Bach Society and receive tax benefits in return. A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) allows you to make direct transfers from your individual retirement account (IRA), totaling up to $100,000 per calendar year to qualified public charities, without having to count the transfers as income for federal tax purposes. No tax deduction may be taken, but distributions will qualify for all or part of the required minimum distribution.

Under the current tax law, this giving opportunity is particularly attractive if you do not itemize your deductions.

Please consult your tax professional if you are considering a gift from your IRA account.

Corporate Gift Matching

Matching gifts are a great way to double the impact of your contribution, and many corporations will match your gift to the Bach Society. Before making your gift, check with your Human Resources office to obtain a matching gift form and return it with your gift payment. Click here to view a list of employers who have notified us of a Matching Gift program.

Please contact us at (314) 652-BACH if the list contains any errors or omissions.