We want everyone to know about Bach and his influence on music over the centuries! To share our knowledge and enthusiasm, we offer recitals and lectures to the general public and to local high schools and universities upon request.* Content can be customized to fit your group’s academic needs and interests.

Please contact us at info@bachsociety.org if you are interested in a Recital or Lecture from a visiting professional guest artist or expert this season.

2022-2023 Season
Recitals and Lectures

Dr. Rochelle Sennet, pianist

Free Recital for all:
Bach to Black

First Baptist Ferguson

March 12, 2023

Dr. A Dennis Sparger,
Artistic Director & Conductor

Lecture: “An Introduction to Bach’s St. Matthew Passion.”

Missouri Baptist University

November 4, 2022

*Guest artists are typically available when they are in town for our performances during the standard concert season, and masterclasses are scheduled based around their rehearsal and performance schedules.