First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood

Experience the exhilarating themes of sacrifice, redemption and ultimate hope through the poignant retelling of the Passion story according to St. John. Bach’s St. John Passion weaves together the narrative of Christ’s last days with an intricate tapestry of profound emotions, transcendent harmonies and soaring melodies.

Led by Music Director and Conductor, A. Dennis Sparger, featuring The Bach Society Chorus and Orchestra. The gorgeous backdrop of the stained-glass setting in the First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood further enhances this incredible music. 

An international collection of Baroque soloists includes tenor Steven Soph as the Evangelist, bass Stephen Morscheck singing the words of Jesus, soprano Emily Donato, countertenor Jay Carter, tenor Gene Stenger and baritone Elijah Blaisdell.



Greg & Alayne Smith

Ticket range: $27 – $52

  • Section 1:  $52
  • Section 2:  $42 (accessible seating avaialable)
  • Section 3:  $27 (balcony; no elevator access)
  • Student: $10 (available at the door on the day of the performance)

St. John Passion 4-Episode Educational Video Series

Episode 1: What is a Passion?
Episode 2: Leipzig, Luther, Liturgy, & Lent
Episode 3: The Intense Drama Begins
Episode 4: Crucifixion & Reflection

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